Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

When you visit our office, you will receive personalized attention from our trained tax preparers who will help you find the credits and deductions you deserve. No matter what your occupation is, we know the latest tax law changes and how they impact your personal situation.

Our tax offices offer a convenient way for you to file your taxes. We provide electronic filing (IRS e-file) to all our clients with paid tax preparation. E-filing is the safest and fastest way to get your taxes done. When we e-file your return, we receive an acknowledgement from the IRS within 24 hours of transmission, this way we can let you know if there is any problem right away.

You can also file any previous year returns that you may have pending.

Year-Round Service

All of our customers have access to:

  • Year-round assistance – We are always available if you have any questions regarding your taxes.
  • Free copies of your current income tax return – You can get as many copies as you need of your current tax return for free.
  • Correspondence Assistance – We will help you with any federal or state correspondence you receive and will work with you to resolve any problems or inquiries they may have.
  • Amended Return – If you received another document after your taxes were filed, we can help you amend your tax return. This may result in an extra refund to you.
  • Copies of previous year tax returns – We can also provide records of your previous tax returns.

Select one of the filing options below to find how QR Tax Service can work for you.